Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Desolation Marathon

I ran the Desolation Marathon in the end of September. this was also my first marathon i have run. It started at the Brighton store and links up to the crest trail via scotts pass. It was a cold morning with puffiies defiantly being necessary. the race start was so casual i missed it. i was throwing on my hydration pack and then i hear a paper bag pop and thats it the time started. then my friend alex showed up so i gave him a quick run down of the race and then i started down big cottonwood canyon. i still had no idea how to get onto the crest trail so my plan was to stay with someone who knew the trail until that point and then run my pace. lucky on my way up Gardsmens i talked with a supper nice guy(sorry i forgot his name). he gave me the know on the course, which was kind of funny getting the beta while running the first few miles. once i got on Scotts pass i knew the way to dog lake so i turned on the pod and rocked my way to the first and only aid station. her i was informed that i was on Karl Meltzers pace but who knew if i could keep it up since i didnt even know where i was going. i chugged some water and kept running. the foliage was unbelievable with he vibrant yellow leaves all over the trail. once to dog lake the guessing game began with where to go. i was forced to stop at every sign to try and figure out where i was going. this next part was extremely overgrown and i had trouble keeping any type of pace through this section. luckily the colors were amazing and distracted me from the blister that had began to form on my left foot from the slanted trail. once i got through this section which was the most difficult so far because of its slightly uphill angle i was blessed with being at the eastern base of mount Raymond. this meant i was very close to the last 8 miles of leg pounding downhill running. when i first started going downhill i felt great, however, once about 4 miles went by my legs felt destroyed and every step was painful. after so many switchbacks i finally heard some music from the Millcreek inn and knew i was close and god damn it was about time. my final time was 3:33 which, is pretty good for that course i believe. My Sister and friend Miah was there and greeted me with a amazing Rouge nut brown ale mmmm so good thanks Miah. thank you Sis for driving me around and being the most supportive sister around even though you are in med school and dont have any time means a lot. i hung out for a few hours then i had to leave to take a shower and go to work.

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