Monday, September 21, 2009

Moose Knuckle!

So, you see, i was thinking, ok enough i went to checkout the bottom portion of the desolation trail on Friday the (a fly is driving me nuts) 9/18. i made the grid over the ridge and was surprised by how overgrown the trail was in spots and other areas it was fine. Kind of weird but once i started to run down into the bowl and began the switchbacks up to another ridge i heard some rustling in the bushes. i looked to my left and i was about 30 feet from a monstrous moosey (i named him MaximousMoosimous and moosey will be called this from now on). MaximousMoosimous is a boy with horns and all, and he stared at me. this stare was not the nice googly eyed stare i like. this stare was full of rage, which looked similar to the spanish bullfighting, bull stare. so i added a little pip to my step and tried to put some acreage between me and MaximousMoosimous. just when i thought i was ok and in the clear i heard the same damn rustling again. Fucking, MaximousMoosimous was making up ground and he still had me in his bullfighting stare. at this point i put a whole lot more than some extra pip in my steep. this was "hammer time," I rallied up the switchbacks and got on to the ridge. i musta put the hurt on MaximousMoosimous. The rest was an enjoyable run to the point, where i turned around.
on the way back i was more nervous, for the reason that i thought MaximousMoosimous was going to be hiding and waiting for the right time to get on his rears and pound my precious face into he ground. on the way to the to my battle ground i came up with the fantastic idea of grabing myself a rock. Hells yeah, no moosey is going to punk my ass now not even the great MaximousMoosimous. Rocks are 1. heavey 2. can Konk like a sludge hammer 3. have points, giving them extra penetrating powers. i felt so much better now, so care free, the way that running should be (sorry for that gay line). Bullshit, who am i fooling i still felt like i was a gladiator about to enter the Colosseum to be slain. I made it to the bowl/ Colosseum and started to make my way down slowly, while trying to be as stealthly and silant as possible while running. For your information its not easy running with a 10 pound rock in one hand. It feels like you are extremely lopsided. After i make it down a few switcheroos i see it; BIG, DEEP, and right on the trail its MOOSE KNUCKLE! MaximuosMoosimous has walked down the trail, at this point all i can say is WTF. I do all i can and that is keep a healthy grip on my rock and continue my lopsided running down the trail, while staying alert to any rustling in the bushes. MaximousMoosimouses moose knuckles veer on and off the trail for the next two miles and then a hard swithback from right to left comes, and MaximousMoosimouses moose knuckles are off into the wilderness for good. thank god im safe, and then its time for the no more MaximousMoosimous dance. I was so happy at this point i did not even think twice about my bad ankle and over it goes, rolled for the i dont know 50th time this summer. That doesn't matter that much though im only 3 miles from being done.

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