Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Indian Creek Oct. 3-6

Peter Vintoniv and i went to Indian Creek from Oct. 3-6th. We both had to work the night before so i got 2 hours of sleep and Peter had no sleep but slept the whole way down in the back of my van.
Oct. 3
Both of us had never been to the Wall before so we went there to check it out and did a super fun 12a finger corner to worm up and then headed over to learning to fly. it was a strange size for me my first knuckle was really rattly and i could not get my second knuckle in. on my second go i tried hard though and was almost to the foothold and fell out and ripped a huge chunk of my finger off. What a way to start a 4 day creek trip. next we got on the judge and saw a bolt next to a perfect nut placement WTF is wrong with people. i skipped the bolt and used the nut.
Oct. 4
cat wall we went up and got on burl dog which, is a beautiful line. Peter killed it i could not do it but would like to go back and do that line.
Oct. 5
4X4 wall-wormed up on 4X4 so good. then we got on hydraulic pump. this thing has a really powerfull start and then goes into .75 laybacking for ever. both of us didnt send so we went over to broken tooth to meet up with peters girlfriend and crew to play. we both did broken tooth and unbelievable super classic. then we went around to the front of the wall and i did rock lobster and peter did inflicter.
Oct. 6
Scarface-my finger blew up on mantel illness and i fell peter sent. then we got on the cleaner and i fell on the last hard move peter sent. there is another pointless bolt on this route i will give another WTF. then we went over to Desert Shield and i onsighted it amazingly enough after falling on everything else that day. then peter sent too. this route is all time and the best 12 i have done in the creek.

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