Thursday, October 29, 2009

Creek again

Miah and i went to Indian creek from the 23rd to the 25th. the weather is getting better every time i go down there. this makes me increasingly more psyched to go again.
23rd. went to Battle of the Bulge and tried digital readout and got spanked again that thing is way too hard. then i did disco machine gun and that route is supper fun.

24th went to the wall and and no fun at all

25th power wall- this wall is small but has many good shorter routes on the face including the classic power line. i tried really hard on power line and was lucky enough to onsight it very happy about that one. i then went for a walk and looked at ultimate crack this thing is sick. supper splitter and beautiful. the down side is that it is full on sand cuz no one gets on the thing but they should. i then got on power line again so Miah could shoot it and tore my finger off at least a full pad. this pissed me off but a bear helped to calm me back down and now its almost heeled so all is good.

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