Sunday, February 28, 2010

Angel of Fear round 2

I was pretty bummed when Peter and I did not get to do Angel of Fear. So on 2/28 Miah, Pat, Travis and i got a early start by waking up at 5:30 and had a blast. This thing is so fun the first pitch had some bad ice with some good ice thrown in as well. Pat crushed it and it was a bit heady too. P2 was amazing to put it mildly. The roof features add some exposure when you have to traverse back left and make the climb that much better. I had to bail after Angel cuz i had to work at 4:30 but everyone else whent at did Automatic Control Theory in a giant 230 foot pitch pretty sick. Nice job everyone and i hope i cant get another lap on that beast before she falls down. Who knows if it will form again so i am glad Miah was there to shoot some great photos so we can remember how fun it was. Thank you Miah!

Me on the pillar P2

Pat crushing P1

Another pic of me on the Pillar P2

Starting off on the P2

Travis rapping down rad daggers eh

Sledding down

One of my best ideas ever was to bring a sled there cant be a better way to get down

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  1. So you're crazy! Or a bad ass, I think it's a fine line. Sweet pics though!