Monday, September 14, 2009

Desolation trail

I decided that since i was already in ok shape after doing the horseshoe traverse. I might as well keep running for two more weeks and do the Desolation marathon. Today was my first run on the trail and it was so much better than i could have hopped. It is a single track trail with wonderful Aspen trees that were changing colors. over the first few miles a fierce thunder storm rolled in and dropped some painful hail on me as well. this made the beginning even better cuz i am into shitty weather running. then as the miles went on the sun came out and dried my soaking wet cloths as well as lighting up the peaks. this added a nice beauty element to the mix of an already fantastic run. i ran a mile or mile and a half past desolation lake and then turned around. even though the running back was gradually uphill i felt great and had a negative split, which is always icing on the cake. this run got me that much more psyched for the marathon and i cant wait to boot up for the big day.

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