Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Rhino Skin Solutions Review

Climbers are expert skin abusers.  We dry our skin with chalk then pull hard on small sharp edges more days than not.  I have tried many of the skin repair options out there with minimal to no benefit.  These balms also leave you with greased fingers that would have salted even Don Juan’s game.  My good buddy and crusher Dan Mirsky pulled out Rhino Skin Solutions Repair after a particularly harsh skin-abusing day at the crag, asking “Do you want to try this?” I have never been into using creams, believing they would soften my skin.   Yet, there I was, my skin burning and no greasy salve available.  After applying Rhino Skin Solutions Repair I felt immediate relief.   It felt like when you have the perfect post-workout recovery meal- it had all the nutrients my body needed to be replenished.  

After using Rhino Skin Solutions for 4 months it has been the first skin care product from which I have seen notable benefits.  Specifically, my pinkies crack regularly especially through hard training cycles.  In that last few months, I have cracked much less as my skin has become more pliable from the Repair Cream and my tips are maintaining their skin for longer due to the Performance and Dry keeping my skin dryer. 

Rhino Skin Solutions makes 4 different products: Performance, Dry, Repair and Calm, each with a different contribution to keeping you climbing as much as your heart desires. 

Performance- With 4% methenamine versus Antihydral with 16% methenamine. Performance offers a much larger buffer between dry and moist hands.  The cream base keeps your skin healthy, pliable and dry, which is exactly the balance we are shooting for as climbers.  This has been my go to cream for day-to-day use weather it be gym sessions or outside.  I apply Performance the night before a climbing day or use it multiple times on rest days depending on how moist my skin is. 

Dry-With 8% methenamine dry gives you a bump in dryness when you need it. The best part of dry is you can apply it to all of your skin and it absorbs fast with NO RESIDUE unlike Antihydral.  When my skin is thin or I’m getting moist hands, I turn to Dry.  I have used it too frequently and, similar to Antihydral, you can overdo it.  However, as Dry haves the drying agent of Antihydral, your margin for error is wider.  You will have to find your balance since everyone has differing skin moisture.  When climbing primarily outside, I use dry often since the holds are typically more textured.  It helps to keep me holding on and I can handle dryer skin in those conditions.  With gym climbing, I back off my use of Dry.  Spray the non-greasy Dry on 8 hours before you are climbing or earlier, like when you are sitting around the campfire, spraying about your latest send, brah.    

Repair-Damn this stuff feels good! Its anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties accelerate skin healing for your next day of attempts on your route.  As a nurse, I have to wash my hands countless times a day.  It dries my hands out and since I’m climbing almost all of my days off, great amounts of skin are imperative.  Repair has helped me immensely to maintain my skin health and reduce cracks.  Throw a bottle of this in your climbing pack and use it after washing your hands post climbing or just apply after you wrap up at the crag.  One application of Repair after a long day at the crag and you will be a believer, no questions asked. 

Calm- With calming ingredients this cream sooths and relaxes you.  It feels good and smells great.  It’s a great addition to Rhino Skin Solutions products and a great compliment to Repair, especially for your days off. 

Rhino Skin reduces splits by helping you strike the perfect balance of pliable and dry skin.  This gives you more attempts on your project or keeps you climbing longer.  Give it a shot- it’s the first skin care product that really works (without salting your game).  I am a believer!