Friday, February 25, 2011

WOW its been A WHILE

It has been so long since my last update that I have decided to just post a bunch of pictures from Thanksgiving to now. So here we go...

Thanksgiving line up

 My aunts and mom with their bump its putting Snookie to shame
 I guess its time to leave the Red
 In Chatty its cold..This is our attempt to melt our water

 Space slab is so classic and fun
we accidentally went to a gay bar and they had a drag contest so AMAZING

 went crag checking on a snowy day looked sick

 Little rock city

 Ouray for the ice fest
 Damn good breakfast and cheap
 Ribbon solo was sick and sooo fat

 Bird brain boulevard with Hayden.  It was a great day with a good friend in the mountains. 

 Da comp
 These guys were fucking bad ass.  They were pouring Macallan 12 yr. in their beer all night.  They even gave us some, thanks guys loved it.
 one hell of a chocolate shop

 Packing for Iceland!!! Burr giving peter what peter want
 Cant leave without the PINK
 Peter just realized he left his computer...Shhhhhit
 Load em up boys
 Flight numbero uno
 Some shut eye for the Greek
 A cool mirror in Baaaaston
 We missed our flight and Andy is PSYCHED!
 At least we each got our own baller hotel rooms
 Oh and a comped dinner
 finally we are in Iceland
 rallying the rental

 hiking up to do some dry tooling with water pouring down on us

 Thats WEIRD
 A geyser
 this thing freezes oh what could have been
 a cool deal by our hotel
 drying our stuff
 No ice so lets Party

 MMMM what to choose

 a cool shipyard

 best part of the trip
 going hot tubbing

Peter got a ticket there goes $300 pay on the spot
How the fuck do I say that (its a national park)
cool icebergs  

 right before this shot a wave came in and almost took me out

 the peak we could have climbed looks sick

 a 40 dollar hot tub
 Superbowl pre game party BBQ on the GWI

get that beer up here boy

I have been doing a lot of bouldering and power training in the gym lately.  Its been years since I have tried to gain some power so I am psyched to be making some gains but Zion is on my mind.  It is so close and with being in school it is the best option for me.  Unfortunately the weather has sucked ass the last few weekends so I have not been able to make it down yet but I hope to soon.  I have some cool ideas if the weather shapes up. 

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